Friday, June 29, 2007

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Looking for me? I'm on facebook.... you're gonna have to join in the fad!
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Monday, May 07, 2007

Kelly's Birthday Party

The following story is rammed with in-jokes. If you don't get some of them it's a sure sign that you haven't been to enough of my parties. Failure to attend enough B* Deluxe parties may result in severe malnutrition of the pleasure centres. Please proceed immediately to the nearest sub woofer and dose up on bass. This should get you going till our next party!

Once upon the time there was a bearded dragon called Kelly who weighed about Tree. Fiddy. It was her birthday so she invited all the little boys and all the hot sexy mamas to come and play in The Lache.

Robyn & Quizzy came

So did "My" Jason, Emma & Sione!

Kelly chose the biggest glass she could find! Isn't it massive? We filled it with THE Best Punch in the world! Orange, guava & Acerola Berry Juice, Bunderberg Ginger Beer and Gin! mmmm yum.

I brought my pink wishes stick and with a flick of my wand I asked everyone "OK, wut is ur wishes!"

Here is Sam looking at his invisible bicycle. He is VERY excited!

Peter has a fether!
but he has no hash browns, so don't call him at midnight when he's sleeping and ask for them, cause he aint gonna bring you any!

Sarita's wushes was for fushes!

Somebody wished for a ceiling vortex... (g33k!)

and Pinkie the giraffe wished for a spit roast. Oh my.

After all the wishes were granted, and my wishes stick was safely in my leg warmer ready to go to Lenin, Paulo decided the girls were being to rowdy so he better beat them into submission.
First the birthday girl got some wet tea towel welts to the thigh
(moderator comment: Apparently Kelly started this fight and Paul got a (slightly) fat lip ;p)

Then little miss Jane got a double round house kick to the face PWND!!

full marks for style bolo!

Then it was mat time! We lay down to watch our all time favourite Potter Puppet Pals in The Mysterious Ticking Noise it's surprisingly catchy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paul's Birthday

Ceiling Swamp

Well no one can say we don't throw a good party! We had 2 different rooms playing a selection of music from your favourite djs, bands and musicians and for those of that got too hot from all the sweat dripping booty shaking, the pool was available, complete with boys to pull you in if you're a little shy!

The party was great with everyone drinking well beyond capacity, but thankfully not spilling anything on the carpet! Our only casualties were our new flash-guy lamp and a section of roof guttering that got stood on (don't ask).
Oh yeah! and as anticipated the bass from Paul's new hifi brought the noise control! mhmm.

Look familiar?

Robyn dances like she means it

oh my! a lovely alcohol inspired picture.

And an alcohol inspired Paul flippin'!

In other news I'd like to introduce the new, bright and shiny button in our little urban whanau collection. Ko Kelly tenei!

Kelly with the birthday boy; and Derek Zoolander

and here she's pretending to be a bearded dragon (not an anal vibrator)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Expensive Cuddle

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk on the beach, only to find Point Chev positively riddled with small and spectacularly loud juvenile humans on parole from school. Not really suiting our mood we hunted around for somewhere a little more secluded. However instead of the anticipated cozy viewing of the sun settling over the horizon we got the car stuck in the mud. Spent half an hour on our knees shovelling the disgusting sand, pitch black underneath with decaying organics, until we were literally gagging from the stench... and only succeeded in sinking the drivers side of the car down to its runner boards!

After calling 4 different tow companies we finally found someone who'd come out and 'see' if they could help us. In the end it took 2 tow trucks.... 1 to tow the car out and the 2nd to tow the 1st truck out... and cost us a pretty penny!!
The towies did say it was quite a common site though and we were lucky to get it out... they've witnessed several cars submerged, including a police car! Aweskimo!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Lache

We've moved (literally) 600m up the road. To a house with a mint-as view (and a pool and a spa). Here's a couple of pics to tantalize...

No comments about my inadequate photo stitching, thanks~!

It's been hypothesised that the living areas in The Lache are twice as big as SchwarzHaus so we're going to need twice the number of people to fill it at our next party... hope you all can help out!

Also Paul's just purchased a honking great stereo system that's going to bully your heart into pumping blood in time with the music, or pulverize you in trying (this is a good thing!). I would take a photo of it but I don't have a wide angle lens -kidding! -but seriously. -nah, just joking! -or am I? *raised eyebrow*

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SchwarzHaus Final Hurrah!

If you haven't already heard we're moving out of SchwarzHaus cause the stinky-poo landlord decided to sell the place! We've moved up the road (more on that later) but in celebration of our moving we decided to put SchwarzHaus to bed with a PJ and pillow fight party.

Thanks to the wonders of TradeMe we managed to pick up a queen sized slat bed cheaply and install it in the dining room. You can't see from this picture but it also has under-bed lighting installed! flash guys.

Everyone turned up in their PJ's (or were provided with PJs if they were too slack!).

Fraser's mate's sister and Fraser's mate's sister's mate in their matching Warehouse ensembles
(oh and that's Sam in little devils)

Brent was supposed to be wearing a fetching 'adult' stretch 'n' grow...
I don't have the pics but I recommend you ask Adele for a peek ;p

Meet the cleaning "lady"!

More pictures (little red arrow editions):


Monday, March 26, 2007

Top of the North

Fraser and I decided to make the most of the end of summer and check out Northland. We went up the East coast (Paihia, Kerikeri & Doubtless Bay), all the way to the very tip and back down the West coast (Kaitia, Hokianga & Daragville).

We went out on a boat for the afternoon, in Paihia, to the hole in the rock and dolphin watching. We saw a whole squad of dolphins, including a baby one... but unfortunately this is my best picture of them

Cape Brett Light House:Hole in the rock:

Head in a hole:
Doubtless Bay is absolutely gorgeous but all the accommodation along the main route (State highway 10) is extortionate... some places up to $1050 a night! So we went round the bay a bit and stayed at the Whatuwhiwhi Top Ten Holiday Park, which was really nice; about 100m from the beach; and really reasonably priced.

Here's a picture of the Te Paki sand dunes. It's a little hard to appreciate from this picture just how Massive these dunes are. The one at the back if about 4 times bigger than the one in the foreground and Really freakin' steep. So we hired some boogie boards and slid down. Although Fraser only got half way down before he decided to do a face planting somersault, very funny, and he still has sand in his ears! heehee.

We stopped at Rawawa Beach to go for a swim (wash the sand off)... it was really gorgeous, the silica sand was white-as the water was crystal clear (and warm!)

We took the car ferry across the Hokianga Harbour... but we left the lights and the radio on for the whole trip so when we went to start the car we found the battery was totally flat. Some American tourists tried jumper leads to start it but it didn't work. So Fraser and some helpful bystanders pushed the car up hill and then along the wharf till it jump started. phew!
In Hokianga, we stayed at the Tree House Backpackers, but it was continuously pointed out to me that it wasn't so much a tree house as a hut in the trees. It was still cute though! If you decide to stay here I recommend you bring some food with you, especially if you're arriving lateish otherwise you might be hard pressed to find anything. The hostel does have frozen meals you can buy, but they only provide 1 microwave so there were queues.
So that's about it for the trip, except we stopped off at Tane Mahuta which is a 'massive' Kauri tree. 13.5m in girth. :)